Thanks for stopping by. You can address email inquiries at atrtink@gmail.com, or through my Facebook page.

I’m a self taught artist for the past 40 years and working one for the last five.

I use Photoshop CS6 for digital manipulations, illustration and page designs for book layouts.

My specialties are photo-manipulations and digital painting.  I also work in stock photography and have a broad collection of stock for textures, backgrounds, and someday soon, stock models. I prefer working in the genre of Fantasy: from Epic, Dark to Urban, Horror and its subgenre (Zombie, Extreme, etc) and Speculative fiction but do not restrict myself to any one genre or style.

If my art style does not suit your genre or what you’re looking for – check out the referrals list for credited, fellow artists I am acquainted with. My references and testimonials will be available soon. You can also find my portfolio updated at Facebook ATRT Ink